About The Event

Toronto is a global hub of the blockchain industry. From April 22nd till the 28th, hundreds of developers, companies, professional advisors, investors, and projects will converge in Toronto to celebrate how far we’ve come and demonstrate cutting-edge technology.

Toronto Blockchain Week (TBW) is, in the spirit of blockchain, an open event that’s inclusive of everyone. Each day will see many different events organized into streams such as regulatory/legal and technical development. If you have an idea for an event or would like to schedule it during TBW please reach out to

organizers@torontoblockchainweek.io. There is no fee to run a TBW event and logistical/financial support for your event may be available.

TBW was founded by three Torontonians who work in the blockchain industry: Addison Cameron-Huff, Eden Dhaliwal and Marek Laskowski. It is backed by a wide range of local companies, see community for our growing list of supporters.


Various Venues
Toronto, ON


April 2nd to 9th, 2020

Our Team

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Our Ambassadors

Tracy Leparulo
Brad Kirby
Jacques Yaakoub
Karla Vilhelem
Jonathan Ip
Guarav Sharma
Louise Doan
Jerry Qian
Liza Horowitz
Amy Trachter
Martin Rerak
Sunny Ray
Michael Jonsson
Gianni D’alerta
Josh Hurwitz
Elena Yunusov
Marc Lijour
Mike Olthoff